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Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at
Wed Jun 15 21:42:24 BST 2011

On Wed, 15 Jun 2011 13:45:13 +0100, Steve Purcell <steve at> wrote:
> I'm running the latest offlineimap code on OS X using the homebrew
> package manager, which downloads the official offlineimap github repo.
> Since homebrew updated its Python to 2.7.2, I've been seeing the
> following unusual errors at the end of each sync:

> Are these known issues?

No, this hasn't been reported yet.

I know that we still support officially, so we should be finding
a fix. Are there some that would like to find out what's happening here?

But this is still a version that has some special OSX hacks (IIRC) and
an older imaplib that we are using. Would you mind to try the latest
'next' branch and see if it works well for you on OSX? (you can just
unpack it and run it locally with

cd offlineimap

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