Message duplication

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at
Tue Jun 21 09:29:18 BST 2011

On Tue, 21 Jun 2011 08:37:54 +0200, Vincent Beffara wrote:
> Syncing INBOX/gag: IMAP -> MappedIMAP
> Copy message -2 MappedIMAP[gag] -> IMAP[INBOX/gag]
> Copy message -1 MappedIMAP[gag] -> IMAP[INBOX/gag]

Check if the  ~/.offlineimap/Repository-LocalWhatever/UIDMapping/gag
file contains mappings to -1 and -2 (It *should* be in the part before
the ':').

It's a bit hard to say what's happening although we should definitely
fix whatever is broken.

Can you do an -d imap -l debug.log run and send it to me for a run that
does nothing more than copy these 2 messages. Are they really copied
over, ie do they appear as duplicates on the remote IMAP server?

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