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Vincent Beffara vbeffara at
Wed Jun 22 12:49:27 BST 2011


>> (I always interpreted negative message ids as "don't know yet, but
>> there are that many new messages remaining" - is that wrong ?)

SS> Yes. In the MappedUID case, it assigns a negative number when it
SS> discovers a message on the IMAP server but no corresponding entry in
SS> LocalStatus and UIDMapping. These 2 separate databases are a pain, I
SS> really want to unify them in the LocalStatus.db

Yes, it does sound a little convoluted ... shouldn't the message have a
number already assigned by the IMAP server in the first place ? Or is
there a risk of duplicated numbers ?

SS> I have looked at the log but I can't see anything unusual. It claims
SS> it has a new message (-2 and -1) that it needs to copy over, it
SS> then, fetches the messages from the local IMAP and saves it to the
SS> remote IMAP. The remote IMAP returns a new UID just fine and
SS> theoretically, we should not have the required entries in
SS> UIDMapping.

And indeed after the sync, there are new entries in the UIDMapping
file. (BTW, the file is "mostly sorted", like it was sorted before but
has been split into 2 parts and re-put together in the wrong order. Some
of the UIDMapping files are sorted, some are like that - but it seems
uncorrelated to the duplicating messages).

SS> I am not sure why that doesn't seem to be the case for you.

Just to collect possibly relevant info : the problem started at the time
when "return uid" was missing. Offlineimap crashed a few times with a
message about %d not matching None (I didn't write it down at the
time). But now even new messages are self-duplicating ...

At the same point I was trying out python 2.7 - but this shouldn't
really be relevant, should it ?

Also possibly relevant : the problem in mailbox 'gag' fixed itself at
some point. But others are remaining.

SS> Sorry, I don't really know how help debugging this.

Me neither - though don't be sorry, I can wait, at least no message
seems to get lost.

Just one question: is there a way to recompute all those UIDMapping
data, to nuke everything and start over from scratch without
re-downloading everything ? Apparently from what you said some time ago
it works when syncing with a Maildir ...

Thanks a lot in any case !


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