offlineimap didn't change gmail message flag

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at
Wed Jun 29 15:02:55 BST 2011

On Tue, 28 Jun 2011 23:43:01 -0300, Marcelo Luiz de Laia wrote:
> After change may offlineimaprc [1] offlineimap don't change gmail
> message flags. An example:

> 1. I execute offlineimap 
> 2. I read a "new" mail in mutt 
> 3. I flag this message "D"

Sorry, it's been a long while since I used mutt. You mean you added the
"T" flag (Trashed) flag or does mutt physically delete those messages?

I just tried by adding the 'S' flag to a mail in my maildir INBOX and synced with my
Gmail account, and it was still in the INBOX but not bold anymore. I
then physically deleted the mail from my Maildir and synced, and it
disappeared from the webmail Inbox. So it was definitely working for me.

So, we'll need more details to get to the bottom of this. Perhaps you
can generate an IMAP log of where you had flagged a message as 'D' in
mutt to see what actually is sent to Gmail. Create it with -d imap -l
debug.log and purge all passwords from it. (You can send it to me in
private if you don't want to make it public)

> 6. wait 1 hour 
No need, Gmail is pretty much instant, at least in my case.
> 8. In some days I got new message that I already read and already have
> flagged as D in mutt

Which folder are you reading? The Inbox or the "All Files" folder? Gmail
is pretty much special in that folders are really just tags, and a
message can live in different folders at the same time. So when you
delete a message from the folder "foo", it will still happily live in
your Inbox (and in "All Mails").

> Are there some mistake in my config files? This only occur from gmail
> sync. All others two account work perfectilly!

Glad to hear that :-)

folderfilter = lambda foldername: foldername not in ['.*Spam$|.*spam$']

By the way, that seems bogus, as not in ['string'] is no regex, but will
see string as a literal string, and I doubt you have such a foldername

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