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Mon Mar 21 21:14:43 GMT 2011

  Folder sync XXX at[Archive]: Syncing Archive: IMAP -> Maildir
  Folder sync XXX at[Archive]: Deleting 9810 messages (174718976, 
  174718974) in Maildir[Archive], LocalStatus[Archive]

which I think means they were deleted in IMAP already and are
now deleted locally due to the syncing.

Normally, if the UIDs on the server change (e.g. because the admin
has moved your mails to another server), the idea is that the
UIDVALIDITY changes, too.  Then offlineimap can detect this
condition and will abort (isuidvalidityok() returns false),
so that you have a chance to move your local mails out of the way.

If the UIDs on the server all change but UIDVALIDITY does not, then
in the best case offlineimap will delete all mails locally and
will download them again with new UID.  However, if the new and
old UID ranges overlap then the offlineimap sync process might
actually lose mails.

1. check if the UIDs have changed on the server
2. check the UIDVALIDITY has not changed on the server
3. if both are true, complain to your server admin


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