Enable folderfilter debug outlog

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at SSpaeth.de
Thu Mar 3 10:41:31 GMT 2011

folderfilter is a very useful thing, but it is very hard to debug
because the user does not get any information as to how it operates and
what it actually filters.

I will send 2 patches, the first merely makes self.ui available to all
Repository() classes, the second actually gives us debug output what
folderfilter has filtered out when the user has -d imap enabled.

The only thing I am a bit unsure is, if we should introduce another
-debug option. Right now we have imap, maildir, thread (broken), or ALL.
Should we have a "filter" category which would show what nametrans and
folderfilter do?

Anyway, this will be useful to all that want to play with nametrans and

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