[PATCH 00/13] imaplib2/IDLE again

Ethan Glasser-Camp ethan at betacantrips.com
Tue Mar 8 15:05:13 GMT 2011

Hi guys,

Please find attached the newest version of my imaplib2/IDLE patch series. Sorry about the month of delay; free time comes in bursts, it seems.

Improvements made:

- remove other unnecessary imports in patch 1
- add Signed-off-by to every commit, including the one by Tom Lawton
- delete read, readline, _read_upto. I left it for IMAP_Tunnel because I couldn't test it, and because it seemed like it might actually do something useful.
- add note in imaplib->imaplib2 commit that we're gonna break the build
- explain our choice to move to imaplib2 in a commit mesg
- fix @jonah-hex.none author
- revise patch 4 to make sure it handles the case with no EXISTS. I couldn't test this, this is based on reading the code.

Otherwise, it remains essentially the same as the last patch series. I'd again like to propose this for merging at some time in the near future. :)

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