Mails have no body / Exchange 2010

jrodman at jrodman at
Thu Mar 10 16:56:44 GMT 2011

Hi internets.

My corporate overlords switched from one bad mail server (hosted exchange 2007)
to another bad mail server (hosted exchange 2010).   For whatever reason,  When
offlineIMAP makes the request like


The server simply seems to reply with 

<REQUESTID> OK finished

without actually providing any text at all.

I've been reading through the RFC for IMAP randomly and trying to construct
other requests, but it seems like this is always the result.

It's pretty weird because it means I was able to retreive:
 - The list of folders
 - The list of emails in a folder
 - The flags on the emails in that folder

Just not
 - Email content

I tried hacking up imaplib pretty close to the socket to be sure there's not
some subtle confusion about line terminators or something weird.  (I'd have
preferred to just sniff but it's ssl only over here).  

Probably this is just some stupid setting on the mail server, but I thought
I'd ask.

I'm using OfflineImap 6.2.0.  Sure would be great if the web-based changelog
went back that far so I could evaluate if upgrading is worth a shot (it means
going off the package.)



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