[ANNOUNCE] OfflineIMAP v6.3.3-rc1 released

Nicolas Sebrecht nicolas.s-dev at laposte.net
Wed Mar 16 17:17:11 GMT 2011

Here is time to begin the tests cycle. If feature topics are sent, I may merge
or delay them until the next stable release.

Main change comes from the migration from imaplib to imaplib2. It's internal
code changes and doesn't impact users. UIDPLUS and subjectAltName for SSL are
also great improvements.

This release includes a hang fix due to infinite loop. Users seeing OfflineIMAP
hang and consuming a lot of CPU are asked to update.

That beeing said, this is still an early release canditate you should use for
non-critical data only!

New Features

* Implement UIDPLUS extension support. OfflineIMAP will now not insert
  an X-OfflineIMAP header if the mail server supports the UIDPLUS
* SSL: support subjectAltName.


* Use imaplib2 instead of imaplib.
* Makefile use magic to find the version number.
* Rework the repository module
* Change UI names to Blinkenlights,TTYUI,Basic,Quiet,MachineUI.
  Old names will still work, but are deprecated.
  Document that we don't accept a list of UIs anymore.
* Reworked the syncing strategy. The only user-visible change is that
  blowing away LocalStatus will not require you to redownload ALL of
  your mails if you still have the local Maildir. It will simply
  recreate LocalStatus.
* TTYUI ouput improved.
* Code cleanups.

Bug Fixes

* Fix ignoring output while determining the rst2xxx command name to build
* Fix hang because of infinite loop reading EOF.
* Allow SSL connections to send keep-alive messages.
* Fix regression (UIBase is no more).
* Make profiling mode really enforce single-threading
* Do not send localized date strings to the IMAP server as it will
  either ignore or refuse them.

Nicolas Sebrecht

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