Version 6.3.2 broken?

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at
Tue Mar 1 14:47:12 GMT 2011

On Tue, 01 Mar 2011 10:57:11 +0100, HeX <dietmarw at> wrote:
> After "upgrading" I get the following error when running offlineimap:

1) Please apply the patch that I just send. It fixes a regression due to
merging of two conflicting patches.

Use the 2 Reference settings in your config again and tell us what
Traceback you receive.

If you could insert some debug output into
around line 166, making:
-                    for copyfolder in copyfolders:
-                        copyfolder.makefolder(key.replace(dest.getsep(), copyfolder.getsep()))

+                    for copyfolder in copyfolders:
+                        getglobalui().warn("MAKING FOLDER " + key.replace(dest.getsep(), copyfolder.getsep()))
+                        copyfolder.makefolder(key.replace(dest.getsep(), copyfolder.getsep()))

and tell us what folder it actually tries to create.

> Note that when going back to v6.2 offlineimap will work without problems
> AND I have removed ~/.offlineimap before starting the updated version in
> order to have a fresh start.

The specific crash is a regression, but you will still get a
traceback. Giving us the above information would help me to see what is
happening there. Thanks :-)

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