Version 6.3.2 broken?

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at
Tue Mar 1 14:51:22 GMT 2011

On Tue, 01 Mar 2011 14:01:56 +0100, HeX <dietmarw at> wrote:
> A/INBOX/* ---> B/FOO/*
> B/FOO/* ---> A/INBOX/*

I have not used the folder translations, but I believe this is what you
want to be using, rather than the reference stuff. I *believe*
(untested) that 

 [Repository A]
 type = IMAP
 reference = INBOX

 [Repository B]
 type = Gmail
 reference = FOO

will try to make:

but I am not sure about that.

Please do help us collect working sample configurations for those
translation cases, so we can put them on our webpage and our in-repo

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