offlineimap doesn't quit?

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Tue Mar 8 15:32:02 GMT 2011

On Tue, 8 Mar 2011 08:07:05 +0000 (UTC), Alexander Skwar <alexanders.mailinglists+nospam at> wrote:
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Hi, thanks for pasting your config. Things like this really help :-).
First of all, 6.2.0 has been released a long time ago and there have
been a maintainer change since.

There are reports that Gmail, a router in the network, or the local host
sometimes closes SSL connections without SSL notifying us. We would wait
to read the number of bytes that we want but they would never come.

Can you try the current master branch and see if it fixes things for
Download the tar.gz from

unpack it and run it with ./ just as you have done before.
We believe that it is fixed there and the fix should be in the next
stable release.

Hope there won't be more deadlocks...

Good luck
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