Offlineimap 6.3.3-rc1 hangs

Vincent Beffara vbeffara at
Fri Mar 18 13:42:46 GMT 2011


EG> So it might be possible to continue to support Mac/2.5 if someone
EG> with access to such a system was really motivated to send a patch
EG> :). We'd still read in small chunks, but we'd stop at the first
EG> short read (and hope that a short read doesn't happen to line up
EG> with a "chunk" size? or maybe return each chunk directly, since it's
EG> being read by a nonblocking thread?).

Well, that sounds highly non-trivial and delicate to do right, all for a
corner case involving fewer and fewer people anyway ...

BTW, why are those UsefulIMAPWhatever empty classes needed now that this
last hack is on the way out ? It looks like using UsefulIMAPMixIn
directly in WrappedIMAP4 and others would be simpler ?

EG> But like others said in the recent thread about this code, I find
EG> special-case code inherently ugly, especially special-case code for
EG> OS X ("Unix under the hood", pah), and I'm more than happy to make
EG> OS X users install >=2.6.

:-) Fine with me.



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