OfflineIMAP and gchats (redux)

Ng Oon-Ee ngoonee at
Mon Mar 21 22:41:10 GMT 2011

On Mon, 2011-03-21 at 16:45 -0400, Greg Grossmeier wrote: 
> Hello,
> I am experiencing a consistent problem with consistent symptoms (luckily! 
> boy do I hate reporting issues where I can't point to specifics).
> In sum, it is the same issue as discussed on this list back in 2009 (with 
> a suggested work around):
> It is a situation where OfflineIMAP crashes after the following sequence 
> of events:
> 1. Person is using offlineIMAP with gmail
> 2. That person's gmail account receives a message to their inbox which is 
>    of one of gmail's IM-in-an-email type ("while you were gone someone 
>    IM'd you this" type).
> 3. That message is synced down to a Maildir folder via offlineIMAP
> 4. The person moves that message to a different folder
> 5. OfflineIMAP attempts to sync back up that message to gmail's IMAP 
>    servers
> 6. OfflineIMAP crashes
> I am attaching a log that was produced with "offlineimap -1 -d imap" a 
> per John's advice in 2009[0] (only the relevant crash/message, as it is 
> quite large otherwise).
> I am running the packaged version in Ubuntu 10.10, which is 
> (Unfortunately, that is also the version that is 
> currently in 11.04.) I don't see any seemingly relevant changes/bug fixes 
> since 6.3.0[1], however.
> Is there a way to modify OfflineIMAP to handle this situation correctly?
> Best,
> Greg
> 0:
> 1:

A workaround I've found personally is that if you edit the file in your
maildir and remove the X-* headers it works. It also works if you remove
some other lines but keep those headers (can't remember which lines

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