Can't Ctrl+C abort offlineimap if -1 option given

Ethan Glasser-Camp glasse at
Wed Mar 23 11:16:31 GMT 2011

On 03/23/2011 06:05 AM, Alexander Skwar wrote:
> Isn't the singlethread mode "required" for debugging? I guess
> the logs might be a bit hard to read, if all the threads log to
> one file. But if there were a "thread indicator" in the log file,
> then this wouldn't be problem (I haven't checked if there's an
> indicator in the logfile).

I thought the idea was to be able to rule out problems caused by thread 
madness when debugging other stuff.  I think that's still a good idea, 
even if we can't rule out thread madness in imaplib2, especially since 
we still don't have a test suite :)

I'm trying to get a handle on what's going on.  On my machine with -1, 
Ctrl-C definitely does *something*, but it looks like offlineimap 
continues to talk to IMAP servers and so on.  imaplib2 does come with a 
prominent notice saying that you need to call logout() when you're done 
with an instance, but the code looks like it ought to be doing that.  
I'm still looking, in other words, but I'm a bit busy the next few weeks 
so may not find anything.


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