GMAIL hangs

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at
Sun May 1 19:36:23 BST 2011

Sorry, sent this mail a couple of days ago, but it seems to never have

I get many complaints now on the IRC channel about offlineimap hangs
with gmail accounts. And I am able to replicate those hangs very
easily. As described in the attached mail to the offlineimap list
however, I think that something weird is going on: gmail seems to have
finished sending the email just fine, and we still seem to hang
somewhere in some "futex" waiting for something (the imap reader thread
not returning)? This looks like an imaplib2 issue and I don't feel
compfortable going forward with imaplib2 if it causes spurious hangs
with gmail. I might like it or not, but gmail is too popular an imap
provider to ignore. Especially when as in this case, gmail did finish
sending the email according to the logs. (although that all hangs seems
to occur with gmail seems to suggest it is related to some gmail imap
server behavior)

What I really want to say: I have a hard (read impossible) time
debugging this, and it doesn't increase my confidence in imaplib2 that
it seems to occur so often and no-one else seems to notice/complain. Who
else uses it?


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