[PATCH 3/9] Re: Experimental LocalStatus stored in SQLite database

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at SSpaeth.de
Thu May 5 14:58:06 BST 2011

OK, here comes the next version (v5) of the sqlite patch series against
the current next branch. It implements all of Nicolas comments
(whitespace mixup with tabs from the original file, for example). It
also features a nice upgrade wizard that is able to upgrade us from
plain text LocalStatus files and that can be used for any future file
format too.

I have not explicitly inserted answers to Nicolas issues (this was more
than enough work already), but I believe I have taken care of all of
them. The review was much appreciated.

Interpatch diff is attached to this mail. The patch series (minus the
first cleanup which had been applied already) and with 2 patches merged
into one (patch 3 & 4 from the last version) will come as reply to this

Let me know if this makes sense, I have been running this branch on my
regular email account just fine.


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