offlineimap does not delete messages on server

Antonio Terceiro terceiro at
Tue May 17 00:54:39 BST 2011

Hello all,

(please keep me in Cc: since I am not on the list)

This message is a re-edition of similar messages I've sent to Debian bug

I am posting here because this problem is really annoying, and it is probably
affecting other people.

I am using offlineimap version 6.3.3 (Debian revision 3, but that should make no

Since I upgraded to the latest version of offlineimap my INBOXes started
behaving weirdly, as if they were not being properly sync'ed with the IMAP
servers. I move all my read messages to to local folders (not handled by
offlineimap). But when sync again with offlineimap, those messages come back to
my INBOX: it seems offlineimap did not delete them on the server, or did not
perceived the fact that they were deleted locally.

This seems to happen only with my 'main' INBOX folders (for each account): the
'INBOX.*' folders are not affected by this problem, even though they *are*
receiving new messages and I have tested deleting messages from them and they
did not come back.

This happens with several different IMAP servers (all my 4 IMAP accounts), and
I can reprodude it easily by some e-mails to myself, then syncing with
offlineimap, then deleting messages locally and syncing again.  It does happen
always, but happens frequently. When it happens, offlineimap gives warnings
like this:

  Deleting 6 messages (166, 167, 172, 173, 174, 175) in IMAP[INBOX]
  WARNING: Attempted to modify flags for messages [166L, 167L, 172L, 173L, 174L, 175L] in folder IMAP[INBOX], but that folder is read-only.  No flags have been modified for that message.

When offlineimap gives this warnings, the messages do not come back right in
this offlineimap run; but in the next time I sync, the messages are back in my

Antonio Terceiro <terceiro at>

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