imaplib2 mailing list

Nicolas Sebrecht ni.s at
Tue May 3 18:46:10 BST 2011

> > If you don't want to waste too much time in maintaining a mailing list,
> > I propose you to use the offlineimap's one. I think this would benefit
> > both projects because:
> > - we will improve our knowledge of the main library we use
> > - we could easily track issues that others projects may have with imaplib2
> > - we could easily discuss/help on patches submissions and bug reports
> > - we could easily contribute by sending patches
> > - imaplib2 contributors could have feedbacks from us
> Thanks for the offer, please set it up and let me know the details.

Using the same mailing list means there's not much to do but point
users/contributers to it (updating doc, blog, website, etc). You'll need to

I've updated mailing list homepage informations.  I may add you to the
administrators of the list if you wish.

 [PATCH imaplib2 1/2] README: migrate to restructured text syntax
 [PATCH imaplib2 2/2] README: add support and contribution section

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