Syncing Back Locally Created Folders -- Pointers on implementation?

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Thu May 5 01:35:15 BST 2011


I have been looking around the internet and this list for quite some
time, and I can't seem to figure out why this feature (a folder is
created locally, offlineimap detects this and then creates the folder
with those contents on the IMAP server). People have been asking after
this feature for quite a while, see eg. a few posts on this list (I
could provide links) or this
( wishlist-type
bug on the debian package page (from 2003).

I am willing to implement this feature, because sorting emails into
folders is an essential component of my email workflow with mutt. The
lack of this feature is blocking my adoption of offlineimap, which
otherwise looks like a fantastic package. Would the feature be very hard
to implement? Are there serious technical issues blocking it? Basically,
I don't want to start digging through the source only to figure out two
weeks later why it is impractical to implement, or far too much work for
some spare-time hacking.

Any pointers on where to get started?





Basically it depends on if your username on the remote imap server is allowed to create a folder, within your folder tree...  

Only if the admin of the server has granted you this privilege, would offlineimap possibly be able to create a new folder on your behalf...

The reason is , offlineimap's impersonating you while it's logged into the remote imap server... so it can only do things you can do.

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