Syncing IMAP to IMAP: "Error from select: ('NO', ['Mailbox does not exist'])" or "Error from select: ('NO', ['Mailbox does not exist'])"

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at
Thu May 5 12:07:57 BST 2011

On Thu, 05 May 2011 09:59:29 +0200, Johannes Kastl wrote:

> The second problem I have is that I have some folders, that exist on the
> remote side (GMX-server) and got created on the local side (1blu-server
> as subfolders of GMX/), as I can see them in the webinterface. But I
> always get the following error when syncing:

> > ValueError: Error from select: ('NO', ['Mailbox does not exist'])

Hard to say what is happening here. I have a branch that outputs a bit
more debug information (it will still fail, just output more

If you want you can pull it and see if you get more information on which
mailbox exactly it tries to SELECT.

you could:

git clone git://
cd offlineimap
git checkout feature/OfflineImapError-Handling+SelectError


(and look out for the WARNING: output)

Unfortunately are all possible interactions with nametrans (and the
'reference' prefix) pretty hard to understand. (That is looking at the
code, not only from a user perspective)

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