OfflineIMAP and gchats (redux)

Greg Grossmeier greg at
Thu May 5 16:42:34 BST 2011

<quote name="Sebastian Spaeth" date="2011-05-05" time="10:22:09 +0200">
> Just as a followup, a debian bug on this mentioned that uploading such a
> mail via mutt or Thunderbird also fails (with mutt giving the best error
> message). 

Looks like you are referring to bug 475727

I just subscribed to it in case I can help.

> So this might really be some weirdness on the gmail side where
> we cannot do anything but having a better error reporting. (and just
> skipping the single message).

/me nods

That sounds sensible.


PS: Please cc: me in any replies to this thread. Thanks!

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