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Rafaël Fourquet fourquet.d at
Fri May 6 10:51:14 BST 2011

> dovecot imap server can deal with this if I make four symlinks:
>    Maildir/cur -> Maildir/INBOX/cur
>    Maildir/new -> Maildir/INBOX/new
>    Maildir/tmp -> Maildir/INBOX/tmp
>    Maildir/.INBOX.spam -> Maildir/INBOX.spam
> So, my question: is there anyway to make the Maildir support use the
> “correctly” named directories?

On the dovecot side, it is possible to specify "INBOX=.../Maildir/INBOX" in
the "mail_location" variable, for example the following works for me:

mail_location = maildir:/Maildir/%u:LAYOUT=fs:INBOX=/Maildir/%u/INBOX

But I don't know how it deals with the 'INBOX.spam' case (I don't know it
you need the "LAYOUT=fs" part).
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