[PATCHv5 7/7] Re: Create LocalStatus or LocalStatusSQLite folders

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at SSpaeth.de
Fri May 6 21:08:32 BST 2011

OK, I couldn't stop so close before the finishing line and reworked both
patches that Nicolas objected to. So please find the 2 patches (#5 and
#7) as a reply to this mail. Interbranch diff attached to this mail.

The big change is that I found that sqlite is multithreading-capable
since at LEAST 2008, so we check for that and use it (we bail out if it
is non-multithreadsafe, so we can be sure). This requires python 2.5
though, but those 2.4 people can stay on the plain text backend ;-).

I factored out the sql queries into an sql_execute function which checks
if we ran into a locked database and retries if needed.

All patches from the v5 series are still to be applied as is, just #5
and #7 are being updated here...


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