[PATCH 0/6] Re: Readd IDLE support again

Nicolas Sebrecht nicolas.s-dev at laposte.net
Wed May 18 18:38:19 BST 2011

On Wed, May 18, 2011 at 08:48:51AM -0400, Ethan Glasser-Camp wrote:
> Hi guys,
> Please find the following six patches which take the next steps
> towards readding IDLE support.  There are at least the following known
> problems:
> - Hooks may not be sufficient for prompt handling of IDLE responses.
>   For example, there's no hook that lets me run "notmuch new" after
>   processing an IDLE response.
> - nametrans may not be supported correctly (I haven't tried this).
> - IMAP IDLE<->IMAP IDLE doesn't work.  I have a couple of patches for
>   this, but nothing complete.
> - There's an outstanding bug report that IDLE only works "once" for a
>   given sync -- meaning that after one IDLE response is processed, no
>   further IDLE request is made.  I have not been able to reproduce
>   this, but I wouldn't be surprised to find bugs here.
> These patches are also available on my github fork of offlineimap,
> branches readd-idle-REBASE and readd-imap2imap-REBASE.  These branches
> will, as the name implies, be rebased until merged, so be warned.

Thank you for the reroll.

I think it would nice to merge this topic soon. It looks ready for
merging but still miss a few things, FMPOV:

#0 Fix comments I sent for the patches. :-)

#1 Make it experimental.

#2 Add the known issues in the doc. The manual page is the right place
   but pointing to the man from the configuration example would be a good

Nicolas Sebrecht

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