Offlineimap erroneously deletes 10,000 emails

seanh snhmnd at
Thu May 19 21:41:18 BST 2011

> also sprach seanh <snhmnd at> [2011.05.19.1944 +0200]:
> > Definitely not. Lavabit doesn't do that, and the emails are still now in
> > the folder on the lavabit IMAP server.
> Then their UIDs changed for whatever reason. Make a backup and find
> out whether offlineimap redownloads the messages after deleting
> them.

I ran offlineimap again and it deleted ~2500 messages from the IMAP
server. The same ~2500 that it wrongly deleted from the local maildir
before I killed it last time. It synced the wrong change back up to the
IMAP server. I ran it twice more but it made no more changes, the IMAP
and maildir are now in sync.

I'm using mutt to copy the emails from my local backup back to the IMAP
server now.

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