Error on gmail sync

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at
Wed May 25 15:19:09 BST 2011

On Wed, 25 May 2011 14:12:29 +0200, Antoine Levitt wrote:
> > This is an inconsistency between your LocalStatus cache and the
> > UIDMapping file, mapping between the Gmail UIDs and the local IMAP UID,
> > in folder facebook.
> I think it's in INBOX : the UIDMapping for facebook doesn't go to such
> high numbers as 5281. The fact that it displays "syncing facebook" just
> before bugging out is probably due to threading (I have maxconnections=2)

Yeah, it could also be inbox if you have threading enabled. We should
probably improve our error logging here.

> > Somehow, it expects that you have a message with UID 5281 in our
> > facebook/LocalStatus file, which you apparently don't, so it craps out.
> >
> > Check the ~/.offlineimap/Repository-LocalXXX/UIDMapping/facebook file and
> > search for occurences of 5281 (delete the line if it is in there).
> The problem is not limited to a particular folder : I get it whenever I
> get new mail. I deleted one of the lines responsible for a crash, but
> it still keeps crashing.

Right, but whenever you sync, you go through all mails for all
folders. So you will hit each folder for each new mail.

Does it still keep crashing looking for the same UID (5281) or for
different UIDs. Make sure the UID is neither in the UIDMapping/* file,
nor in the LocalStatus/* file, those two files need to be in sync with
each other.
> Is there any way to get out of this, or do I need to "reset" the sync?
> More importantly, any idea how this happened?

I have no idea how it happened, perhaps offlineimap was interrupted at a
very inconvenient point in time? I don't like the split of our cache in
those 2 files and believe we should keep them in just one file, writing
them out at the same time.

Generally, *I* would recommend to use IMAP<->Maildir synchronization
whenever possible, it is much more robust than the IMAP<->IMAP mapping.
The latter needs much more love and care.

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