Problems with threading and gssapi authentication

Scott Henson sjh at
Mon May 30 05:24:17 BST 2011

I tracked down the problem to the kerberos context getting reused by
subsequent connections. I've attached a patch that cleans up the kerberos
context once the gssapi authentication is complete. After that, the next
connections that come through get clean states to start authentication with.
I also picked up the connection lock around the kerberos authentication. I
don't think this is strictly necessary, but it seems like a good idea to me.
I'd love to see this in the 6.3.4 release. Thanks!

On Sat, May 28, 2011 at 10:04 PM, Scott Henson <sjh at> wrote:

> I've recently started having problems using offlineimap to synchronize my
> mail. I'm running against a zimbra server and using gssapi authentication.
> When I set the max connection count to 1, things work as expected. However,
> any number above 1 produces some very weird errors.
> On 6.2.0, I would get strange exceptions about None Type not having a
> method. On 6.3.3, I get prompted for my password a few times, and then
> offlineimap seems to hang doing nothing.
> I just tested v6.3.4-rc1 and I get prompted for the password a few times
> (my max connections are set to 5, sometimes I get prompted 4 times,
> sometimes less, but never more than 4 times). Depending on the number of
> times I get prompted, I will start syncing some email. Four password prompts
> result in no emai transferred. Three or less results in some email getting
> across. Either way, eventually something like the following appears.
> <snip>

Scott Henson
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