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Wed Nov 2 09:09:19 GMT 2011

On Wed, 26 Oct 2011 17:18:34 +0200, Ploc <ploc2011 at> wrote:
> But let's go back to offlineimap, what happens if the cached data of 
> offlineimap are deleted ? Can the synchronization be recovered ? In this 
> case, how can offlineimap determine if a mail has been deleted from an 
> account, or newly received from the other account ? Cached timestamps 
> are helpless whitout cached data or cached metadata ?

If the cached data is deleted, there are 2 possibilities:

1) You are doing IMAP<->Maildir. In this case, it will restore the
cache, transferring any unknown messages to the other side. That means
it will opt for the safe option rather than assuming you deleted
anything. In case you modified flags (e.g. unread), it will IMHO restore
the server state, rather than the local one (if I remember correctly).

2) You are doing IMAP<->IMAP. In this case the mapping between the
Remote Mail UID and the "Local" Mail UID is lost, and OLI has currently
know way to match identical mails, so it will transfer mails from both
sides as unknown to the other side, leading to a duplicated set of mails
on both sides.
I would like to have an option to match mails by Message-ID and file
size, but that's going to take a while.

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