Regression in 6.4.0

Alex S√łndergard gammel.holte at
Sun Nov 27 23:30:50 GMT 2011


I've been using offlineimap for a long time and it's been working great.

A few days ago I updated to 6.4.0 and I've spotted a possible bug. This bug
seems to be also present in 6.4.1-RC1. The bug is not present in 6.3.4-1, though.

The bug is simple. If I delete (remove the inbox tag of) a message locally in
mutt, offlineimap misses the change, and it doesn't sync this to Gmail.

However, if I stop offlineimap and restart it again, it detects the deletion

I've pasted my .offlineimaprc below just in case. I must note I've been able to
reproduce the bug without IDLE enabled as well.

Thanks in advance.


accounts = Gmail

[Account Gmail]
localrepository = Local
remoterepository = Remote
postsynchook = notmuch new
autorefresh = 5
maxage = 100

[Repository Local]
type = Maildir
localfolders = ~/.mail

[Repository Remote]
type = Gmail
remoteuser = edited at
remotepass = edited
folderfilter = lambda name: not'@|Important|Starred|Sent', name)
nametrans = lambda name: re.sub('\[Gmail\]\/| .+$', '', name).lower()
idlefolders = ['inbox']

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