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Thu Nov 3 20:59:29 GMT 2011

On 03Nov2011 20:46, Chris Barrington-Leigh <cpblpublic+offlineimap at> wrote:
| Thanks. How many times over the last 6 years have I tried to switch
| to mutt and given up...
| >set edit_headers=yes
| yes, I had that.
| >set autoedit=yes
| ooh, that's closer.  But can I deal with attachments there (ie, in
| the editor) as well, maybe with help from some emacs environment and
| some special headers? Otherwise, the second stage is after I finish
| editing, when I get a chance to attach things.

I attach messages from inside the editor. (Well, queue the attachment.)

If you add an Attach: header to the message, mutt will attach the named
file when you exit the editor. I bind ^A to a macro that offers a
pathname completion prompt and inserts the resulting Attach: header.
I'm also fond of:

  !!ls dir-with-files

and then inserting Attach: at the start. That's a vi macro, but surely
emacs is more than capable of this. Happy to offer more details on the
outside script I use for the file completion (which I suspect is moot in
emacs - it should have file completion your fingers already know).

| Also, although I can read messages in different folders, I'm unable
| to get mutt to move a message to another folder in offlineimap's
| maildir; it thinks the (any) folder doesn't exist unless I go and
| select it through menus...

Not sure I understand this one. You can't supply a folder name to the
"c" <copy-message> command? I confess I rarely copy messages in mutt;
I leave that for "delete", (well, "d", which files the message in the
archive folder, usually OLD/YYYY/current-folder).

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