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Fri Nov 4 20:35:13 GMT 2011

On Fri, 04 Nov 2011 00:54:28 +0100, Ploc <pub2011 at> wrote:
> The main philosophy of OfflineIMAP is then to choose the safer wayin 
> order to prevent unwanted mail deletion. Each mail is transferred to the 
> other repository.


> But what happens if one of the repository uses the new parameter 
> "readonly = True" ? Is there a special way of rebuilding cached data ? 
> As one of the repository is readonly, every mail deleted from this 
> repository should also be deleted from the other repository. Does 
> OfflineIMAP work like that ?

If readonly=True, it will simply not sync in that direction.

So if REMOTEIMAP1 (readonly=True) and LOCALMAILDIR (readonly=False) are
your repos, and the cache goes missing, it will:

1a) sync REMOTEIMAP1 mails to LOCALMAILDIR, adding all new messages
1b) delete all mails in LOCALMAILDIR that are not in REMOTEIMAP1 but
    have a valid (>0) UID recorded. (so they are not "NEW")
As sync in the other direction will be skipped, new messages that are
really new (ie those that don't have UID=<number>,FMD5=<folderMD5> in
their file name), will simply be ignored and left alone, as far as I can
see. At least, that is what I think it would be doing without actually

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