Delete a message in Gmail Inbox

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at
Mon Nov 21 13:23:14 GMT 2011

On Fri, 18 Nov 2011 17:36:03 +0100, KeDal <kedals0 at> wrote:
> When I delete a message from Sent local maildir folder with mutt (that's
> to say message file is removed from FS), offlineimap removes it from the
> server at the next synchronization.
> But, when I remove a message from inbox in the same way, the message is
> copied from server to local maildir at the next synchronization.
> I think my configuration is good because I can delete a message from
> Sent folder.
> Is it a gmail particularity ?

Yes, if you delete something from a Gmail folder it will not really be
deleted (until you move it into the Trash or Spam folders).

I think you can set realdelete=True (or a similar config name), to move
all mails to be deleted to the "Trash" folder thus expunging them

Does this help?

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