Case sensitivity for folders?

Daniel Shahaf d.s at
Wed Oct 5 18:31:34 BST 2011

A quick test against my provider's IMAP server suggests that INBOX is
case insensitive but the 'foo' in is case-sensitive.  (Thus, works and INBOX.FoO doesn't.)

I get the same result from $WORK's server but I don't know offhand what
software it runs.

Sebastian Spaeth wrote on Wed, Oct 05, 2011 at 18:50:28 +0200:
> Hi all, one question
> I was trying to debug a puzzling case with my nametrans rules where it
> attempted to create a new folder 'Inbox' which failed, as the server
> already has a folder 'INBOX' (gmail, I am looking at you).
> Are IMAP folders case sensitive in general? Should we treat folders with
> different cases as equivalent? I am a bit unsure how we should handle
> this case in general.
> Sebastian

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