[Imaplib2-devel] Gmail: downloading the rest of the mails

Jean Jordaan jean.jordaan at gmail.com
Mon Oct 10 11:52:41 BST 2011

> If this really is exactly 100 (magic number) messages each time, I
> would be tempted to assume this might be a gmail policy - that they are
> intending their users reset their connections evry 100 messages. Weird,
> but possible.

This would be my hypothesis. Certainly they need to take a defensive
stance. But it would be nice if they were clear and explicit about it.

I suppose if imaplib2 wanted to deal with this, it would have to use
guesswork to figure out that this is probably not a real EOF, and to
retry after an adequate delay.

jean                                              . .. .... //\\\oo///\\

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