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Thu Sep 1 09:41:47 BST 2011

On Wed, 31 Aug 2011 10:20:04 -0400, Tim Gray <lists+offimap at> wrote:
> I just noticed that the umask on messages synced by offlineimap are not 
> what I expect.  Obviously this is a low-urgency situation, but maybe 
> someone has an idea as to what's going on.  It looks like mails coming 
> in from the IMAP server are set to 755.  Mails that I save to my local 
> folder (in mutt) have a 600 mask.  Once offlineimap syncs that message 
> back to the server, it becomes 700.

OfflineImap doesn't care about umasks at all (AFAIK) and it uses
whatever the system standard is. Check your systems default with:

python -c "import os; print ('%03o' % os.umask(0))"

Mine says 022 (pretty common) and that leads to a default mode of 755
when writing out a file, so perhaps the system default has changed for
you? Does this need to be a settable thing? Do you require a different
mode? Perhaps 600 is a tad strict to be used as default? Perhaps we
should set the default umask to os.umask(027) leading to -rw-r----- by

What do people think?

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