Some code cleanup (3 patches pushed)

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at
Mon Sep 19 09:04:08 BST 2011

Pushed 3 minor code cleanup patches that involve no functional changes:

commit 32ca20d0da97b2ed2b377c06f12f4365af37538c
Folder.Maildir: No need to store 'uid' in messagelist dict.

The Message UID is already the key to self.messagelist, so we have that
information. It is redundant to save the UID again as
self.messagelist[uid]{'uid': uid} and we never made use of the
information anyway.

The same thing should be done with the other 2 backends.

commit dfdc4d457be0f411c0e2d0ddc12a6169959f26df
Folder.Maildir: Simplify getmessagetime

No need to use os.stat()['st_mtime'] when there is os.path.getmtime()

commit a43677a3e61cc25631cc050175791a13b2f9cf61
Shorten self.infosep assignment

A more pythonic and less verbose way to do the same. Add a comment what the
variable is all about.
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