[ANNOUNCE] OfflineIMAP v6.3.5-rc2

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at SSpaeth.de
Mon Sep 19 14:00:24 BST 2011

After a flurry of activity on my first maintainer day, I hereby push out
a new rc2 for inspection by the masses. Due to the recent changes, there
are chances that this is still somewhat broken, so I advise
distributions to not take this rc into any stable distribution. The code
is now in feature freeze and stabilization mode, so that we can push out
a sexy and rock-solid 6.3.5 as soon as possible.

Noteworthy in this rc are the fixed file permissions, forward-compatible
per-account locking and most importantly "automatic folder creation on
the REMOTE repository." If you are using a nametrans rule on the remote
repository, you will likely see a warning, that you need a nametrans
rule on your local repository too. (one that 'reverses' names)

The RC is on the current 'next' branch of my repository at
git://github.com/spaetz/offlineimap.git. You can get it via git checkout
"v6.3.5-rc2" or download a tarball from here:

Do test and give feedback so we can push out a good 6.3.5.
Sebastian Spaeth

New Features

* Implement per-account locking, so that it will possible to sync
  different accounts at the same time. The old global lock is still in
  place for backward compatibility reasons (to be able to run old and
  new versions of OfflineImap concurrently) and will be removed in the
  future. Starting with this version, OfflineImap will be
  forward-compatible with the per-account locking style.

* Implement RFC 2595 LOGINDISABLED. Warn the user and abort when we
  attempt a plaintext login but the server has explicitly disabled
  plaintext logins rather than crashing.

* Folders will now also be automatically created on the REMOTE side of
  an account if they exist on the local side. Use the folderfilters
  setting on the local side to prevent some folders from migrating to
  the remote side.  Also, if you have a nametrans setting on the remote
  repository, you might need a nametrans setting on the local repository
  that leads to the original name (reverse nametrans).


* Documentation improvements concerning 'restoreatime' and some code cleanup

* Maildir repositories now also respond to folderfilter= configurations.

Bug Fixes

* New emails are not created with "-rwxr-xr-x" but as "-rw-r--r--"
  anymore, fixing a regression in 6.3.4.
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