[ANNOUNCE] OfflineIMAP v6.4.0

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at SSpaeth.de
Thu Sep 29 10:40:52 BST 2011

OfflineIMAP v6.4.0 (2011-09-29)

OfflineImap is your python-based IMAP/Maildir synchronization tool of
choice since 2002. (see http://offlineimap.org)

This is the first stable release to support the forward-compatible per-account locks and remote folder creation that has been introduced in the 6.3.5 series.

It might require manual intervention to your configuration file in 2

* If you use nametrans= settings on a remote repository, you will have
  to add a "reverse" nametrans setting to the local repository, so that
  it knows which folders it should (not) create on the remote side.

* If you connect via ssl/tls and don't use CA cert checking, it will
  display the server's cert fingerprint and require you to add it to the
  configuration file to be sure it connects to the same server every
  time. This serves to help fixing CVE-2010-4532 (offlineimap doesn't
  check SSL server certificate) in cases where you have no CA cert.

Get the source
As interim deputy maintainer, the code is currently hosted on my github
repo, and will migrate back to the official repo in due course when our
esteemed maintainer Nicolas Sebrecht has found a new flat with Internet

Grab the tarball from
or fetch tag v6.4.0 from git://github.com/spaetz/offlineimap.git

The latest release (plus eventual hotfixes) can also always be found in
the 'master' branch.

Changelog since 6.3.4
* Changes since last rc3:
  Various regression and bug fixes from the last couple of RCs

* Refresh server capabilities after login, so we know that Gmail
  supports UIDPLUS (it only announces that after login, not
  before). This prevents us from adding custom headers to Gmail uploads.

* Implement per-account locking, so that it will possible to sync
  different accounts at the same time. The old global lock is still in
  place for backward compatibility reasons (to be able to run old and
  new versions of OfflineImap concurrently) and will be removed in the
  future. Starting with this version, OfflineImap will be
  forward-compatible with the per-account locking style.

* Implement RFC 2595 LOGINDISABLED. Warn the user and abort when we
  attempt a plaintext login but the server has explicitly disabled
  plaintext logins rather than crashing.

* Folders will now also be automatically created on the REMOTE side of
  an account if they exist on the local side. Use the folderfilters
  setting on the local side to prevent some folders from migrating to
  the remote side.  Also, if you have a nametrans setting on the remote
  repository, you might need a nametrans setting on the local repository
  that leads to the original name (reverse nametrans).
* Maildir repositories now also respond to folderfilter= configurations.

* New emails are not created with "-rwxr-xr-x" but as "-rw-r--r--"
  anymore, fixing a regression in 6.3.4.

* Idle feature and SQLite backend leave the experimental stage!

* When a message upload/download fails, we do not abort the whole folder
  synchronization, but only skip that message, informing the user at the
  end of the sync run.
* If you connect via ssl and 'cert_fingerprint' is configured, we check
  that the server certificate is actually known and identical by
  comparing the stored sha1 fingerprint with the current one.

* Updated bundled imaplib2 to version 2.28.

* We protect more robustly against asking for inexistent messages from the
  IMAP server, when someone else deletes or moves messages while we sync.

* Selecting inexistent folders specified in folderincludes now throws
  nice errors and continues to sync with all other folders rather than
  exiting offlineimap with a traceback.

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