Reducing parameter bloat

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at
Fri Sep 16 09:53:23 BST 2011

On Thu, 15 Sep 2011 19:38:51 +0200, Nicolas Sebrecht > > Looks quiet nice. Thanks!
> Hmm, it's a bit broken:
>   global name 'root' is not defined

Mmh, I wonder how I could have missed it. I swear I ran the code before
submitting... In any case, there was a single instance of "root" being
used when I needed to do self.getroot() now.

Interpatch series diff:
-self.filename = os.path.join(root, self.getfolderbasename())
+self.filename = os.path.join(self.getroot(), self.getfolderbasename())

New patch series coming up.
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