New folder creation on REMOTE (DO READ)

Vincent Beffara vbeffara at
Tue Sep 20 13:59:17 BST 2011

Hi again,

I tried a few things, and none seemed to fix my problem ... To sum it

- I am using IMAP <-> IMAP

- remote is Cyrus IMAP at work, folder names like INBOX, INBOX/math,
  INBOX/something etc.

- local is Dovecot, folder names like INBOX, math, something

So, I have a remote nametrans that does re.sub('INBOX/',''), and all
goes well, up to the time when I upgrade to revision fd6261a, which
complains like this:

AssertionError: newdstname bogus equals newsrcname bogus bogus bogus

Given the code in, that seems to be expected, so I move to
revision b92e453 which is the next one. Now it complains that it cannot
create folder 'bogus' on the remote side. Again this is expected, it
does not conform to the remote name pattern. So I add a nametrans on the
local side, adding 'INBOX/' in front of the names.

That fixes it, but it now tries to recreate existing folders on the
local side - and that leads to an ERROR (whereas it was just a WARNING
in previous versions).

Upgrading to the current 'next' branch, having a nametrans on the local
repository or not changes nothing, it fails to create 'bogus' on the
remote end in all cases.

What else should I do ? All I found was to remain at revision 6b2ec95
which works with warnings.



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