even w/ preauthtunnel, NoOptionError: No option 'remoteuser' in section: 'Repository Local'

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at sspaeth.de
Tue Sep 20 18:01:59 BST 2011

On Mon, 19 Sep 2011 21:16:58 -0600, Iain Dalton wrote:
> Where can I find that commit? The latest on nicolas33's repo is "Merge
> branch 'next'" from Sep 12.

Nicolas is moving house and has granted a temporary maintership to
me. My repo is at git://github.com/spaetz/offlineimap.git which you can
add to an existing checkout using:

git remote add spaetz git://github.com/spaetz/offlineimap.git
git checkout -b spaetz-next spaetz/next

The changes will be merged back into Nicolas' branch, once he has a roof
over his head and an internet connection.

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