New folder creation on REMOTE (DO READ)

Vincent Beffara vbeffara at
Tue Sep 20 18:05:32 BST 2011


>> Upgrading to the current 'next' branch, having a nametrans on the
>> local repository or not changes nothing, it fails to create 'bogus'
>> on the remote end in all cases.

SS> Are you saying that you do see these warnings on the current next
SS> HEAD?  And you still see that "bogus" already exists warning?

On the current 'next' branch (revision 1c58ebe), with two nametrans
validating the previous check, I get this:

ERROR: Folder 'bogus'[ensl_imap] could not be created. Server responded:
('NO', ['Permission denied'])

'bogus' exists locally, not on ensl_imap which is the remote
end. Passing 'bogus' through localrepo's nametrans gives INBOX/bogus
which should be allowed for creation on remote, but indeed creating just
'bogus' there is forbidden.

Seeing as the nametrans for the local repo was not called I tried
removing it altogether from the .offlineimaprc and got exactly the same
error message.

So, not the same "already exists" warnings, no, rather a symptom that
apparently the remote folder creation code is not using the local
nametrans, if I get it right.




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