Manual mentions "example file" with python function get_password; no such file

Thomas Kahle tomka at
Thu Sep 22 15:40:43 BST 2011


On 22:13 Mon 19 Sep 2011, Iain Dalton wrote:
> At the end of the manual, there's:
> The file specified with:
>     pythonfile=~/bin/
> contains python functions that I used for two purposes: Fetching
> passwords from the gnome-keyring and translating folder names on the
> server to local foldernames. The python file should contain all the
> functions that are called here. get_username and get_password are part
> of the interaction with gnome-keyring and not printed here. Find them
> in the example file that is in the tarball or here.
> But there's no or any file containing "get_password".

That's my bad.  I hastily copied text from my guide that Sebastian
already mentioned.  The node is supposed to illustrate the principle.
You should set pythonfile to your personal pythonfile where you can
implement your own functions.  It should not apply that implementaions
come with the doc of offlineimap (although they could).  I'll make a
patch as soon as find the time (maybe tonight).


Thomas Kahle
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