Exchange2010 issues with empty bodies

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at
Mon Apr 2 22:12:47 BST 2012

Daniel Shahaf <d.s at> writes:
> chris coleman wrote on Wed, Feb 08, 2012 at 16:29:04 -0800:
>> It looks like the Message UID's have changed - between the old version of your mail server (Exchange 2007?) - and the new Exchange 2010 mail server.

> I believe offlineimap already handles IMAP UIDVALIDITY correctly.
> Now, if the server changed UID's without changing UIDVALIDITY...

Right, offlineimap handles UIDVALIDITY changes... by complaining and
bombing out :-).

If UID changes without UIDvalidity, that would be a different thing, but
I believe we should not repeatedly fail on this, because, we would
re-download/upload stuff.

More test-cases needed I guess. *sigh*

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