maxage deletes email

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at
Thu Apr 19 16:40:15 BST 2012

Nathan Warner <nathan at> writes:

> I think I'm having the same problem as this guy.
> I pull all my mail from remote imap server to local maildir.  Then
> change maxage to 2.  When offlineimap runs again, it will delete a
> bunch of the local email.  If I remove maxage, I pull that mail from
> the remote server.
> What I would like to do, is download all my mail.  Tell offlineimap
> not to do anything with mail that is over a month old.  This way email
> over 30 days old will still be in my local maildir, but would get
> automatically removed from the server.
> Am I using maxage correct?

No, there is nothing in offlineimap that works like that. You basically
need to move old mail into a local folder that you exclude from synching
to achieve that.

Setting maxage/maxsize works on an account base and it basically
pretends to not see any mails on either side that are too old/big.

Well, actually if you do set maxage, and you delete mails manually from
your server, then they should still remain in your local repository (as
OLI does not *see* them). But it will not automatically delete anything.

Does this help?

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