remotepass with % must be escaped?

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at
Thu Apr 19 17:39:44 BST 2012

Fabio Zanini <fabio.zanini at> writes:

>   '%' must be followed by '%' or '(', found: '%/'

Mmmh, yes, that is an ConfigParser.InterpolationSyntaxError that is
being thrown here, it seems it really comes from having a '%' and
ConfigParser trying to be smart. I did not consider that when
"upgrading" the old ConfigParser to the "SafeConfigParser".

The question is, do we want to allow interpolation? I thought it can
come in quite handy, especially if one configures multiple accounts. But
I can see how this causes surprising effects.

I will add a comment to that regard into our sample offlineimap.conf.

> I am not sure this is can be useful in this context. We could introduce
> something like single quotes to avoid escaping for plain passwords:

That would imply we have to rewrite the ConfigParser module ourselves, I
am afraid that is not possible. So either we turn it off, or we document
it. I'll document it for now, but can be convinced to turn it off.

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