zero length field name in format

Björn Pettersson bjorn at
Sat Apr 14 18:33:53 BST 2012

* Allan Wind <allan_wind at> [2012-04-10 21:07:20]:

>   zero length field name in format

I've got this too, since a few days back. Using latest git (

Two Dovecot accounts, two Gmail accounts. I'm unsure about one of the
Dovecots, but that one is also a very low traffic account, unlike the
other three.

I'm still getting new emails synced to my local repo, but it doesn't
look like anything is synced back (deleted emails, read/unread et.c.).

My .offlineimaprc contains nothing special; here's a sample:

 [Account AccountHygiena]
 localrepository = LocalHygiena
 remoterepository = RemoteHygiena

 [Repository LocalHygiena]
 type = Maildir
 localfolders = /data/mail/hygiena

 [Repository RemoteHygiena]
 type = IMAP
 remotehost = my.mail.server
 remoteuser = my at
 remotepass = secret
 folderfilter = lambda foldername: foldername not in [ 'Ham', 'Gmail.Ham',
                'Gmail.Spam' ]
 maxconnections = 10

I haven't bothered with folder translation.

What other information would be of help?

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