Server responded: ('NO', ['[ALREADYEXISTS] Duplicate folder name (Failure)'])

ael at
Thu Apr 26 21:56:09 BST 2012

On Wed, Apr 25, 2012 at 09:02:53PM +0100, ael wrote:
> $ offlineimap -a ntl 
> OfflineIMAP
>   Licensed under the GNU GPL v2+ (v2 or any later version)
> Account sync ntl:
>  *** Processing account ntl
>  Establishing connection to
> Enter password for account 'ntlserv': 
>  Creating folder [Gmail]/Starred[ntlserv]
>  ERROR: Creating folder [Gmail]/Starred on repository ntlserv
>   Folder '[Gmail]/Starred'[ntlserv] could not be created. Server responded: ('NO', ['[ALREADYEXISTS] Duplicate folder name (Failure)'])

I seem to have sorted this out, so no need for anyone to waste time
replying. Apologies for the noise.


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