offlineimap and google chat logs

Abdó Roig abdo.roig at
Thu Aug 2 14:40:42 BST 2012


I'm using offlineimap to keep backups of my gmail data (email + chat
logs). There is an issue regarding chat logs. The Chats IMAP folder
seems to be readonly, and for some reason offlineimap fails with error

   ERROR: Aborting sync, folder 'Chats' [acc: 'gchat']
   Server '' closed connection, error on SELECT
'[Gmail]/Chats'. Server said: [Gmail]/Chats is not writable

even with the "readonly=True" config flag set on the corresponding
remote repository.

I attach a patch that soves the issue for me. I'm not sure if it
introduces any side effect.

Abdó Roig.
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